Primus Mineral Water 500 ML

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Primus mineral water with a brilliantly fresh taste, which emerges from the heart of Europe, the mineral-rich place of the Carpathian basin, from the 200-million-year-old Triassic karst in Zsámbék, near Budapest, from a depth of 452 m. This high-quality, pristine water contains valuable minerals, such as: calcium, magnesium, hydrogen carbonates, sulfates. Minerals are extremely important for the human body, calcium strengthens teeth and bones, while magnesium strengthens nerves, muscles and heart muscle. Sulfates ensure the health of hair, nails and skin and help digestion. The uniqueness of Primus mineral water is ensured by its silicon content, which scientists consider the key to eternal youth. We bottle water for our consumers as nature has preserved it, without any water treatment.

Price : 1 JD